Information & Liability Release form for July 29, 2018 Wedding Party EXPO

You have been approved to work the Wedding Party Expo! Thank you for joining us!

Please complete the liability form below and digitally sign.


We look forward to working with you at the Wedding Party Expo. Thank you!

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I Understand that by digitally signing I agree to work/intern at The Wedding Party Bridal Show on any dates and projects at any location for which I agree to be scheduled. I understand that I am an independent contractor or intern and am not an employee of Love Your Show, Inc., & The Wedding Party Bridal Show, and therefore am not entitled to participate in any health benefits and that workers compensation insurance is not provided. I will be responsible for payment of all social security, income and other taxes on any payment made to me. I agree not to hold Love Your Show, Inc., Pamela Ann Noxon or the host venue of show / show location or Sponsors, liable for any injury to me in the course of my work/internship. By signing this form you are agreeing to all on this form and to keep your commitment to work the event as scheduled.  *
By digitally signing this form I am agreeing to all terms set out on this form and my commitment to work the hours I have been scheduled. *
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Wedding Party Bridal Show Worker/Intern Information & Liability Release

DATE(s):   July 28 &  July 29, 2018

LOCATION:  Venues at Liberty Station, 2641 Truxton Road, San Diego, California 92106 McMillin Building and Luce Court and Legacy Plaza

PARKING OPTIONS:   There is AMPLE free street parking throughout Liberty Station. 

HOURS:  To Be Scheduled directly with each worker/intern.  Mandatory training is the day before show unless otherwise determined. Sunday show day is usually a very long day for production team.  Please be on time for your shift and be familiar with getting to show location BEFORE shift.

ATTIRE:  If working set-up/production, wear comfortable clothing [jeans & tennis   shoes ok] & be prepared to freshen up and change into professional   “show” attire 30 mins before show opens. NO open toed shoes.  Please do not wear anything overtly provocative, political or revealing.  During show hours, wear professional attire eg. Black pants & a white   shirt/blouse in a professional style. Conservative black dresses/skirts are ok. Comfortable closed toe shoes are important for safety (and you   will be on your feet most of the day, so flat shoes are encouraged).

MEALS:  Please feel free to bring snacks and/or a lunch.  If you work 8 hours or more only will lunch will be provided.  If you have dietary restrictions please consider bringing your own snacks/lunch.

COMMITMENT:   Once you commit to working a show we are depending upon you to   keep your commitment. The Event Industry survives only on the integrity  of keeping your word and showing up as scheduled. Your signature on this   document constitutes your agreement to work the event as scheduled. If you   must cancel your commitment please give at least 72 hours to replace   you and/or send a competent replacement.

BOUNDARIES:   Interns/Workers may NOT contact host property, exhibitors or attendees   for any reason unless expressly ordered to do so for show projects.

Only authorized workers and interns are permitted at event venues. Please do not bring friends/children/pets.  

Love Your Show, Inc., producer of & The Wedding Party Bridal Show, is a respectful, high-quality business with an excellent reputation for style and professionalism.  Your behavior and attitude contribute greatly to our company’s reputation. Your behavior and attitude contribute greatly to the show’s ambiance. We thank you for your positive attitude and your willingness to do what needs to be done to make the show great and successful. Remember: every detail counts and no task is insignificant when it comes to special events.

Day of Show:

  • Please wear your supplied ID tag during Show hours.
  • You may not promote or market yourself in anyway at the show or in the course of your work with us. 
  • Exhibitors and Attendees are the show’s clients and an internship is designed to help you get real time experience in the events field not connected.
  • Any and all information developed during my working relationship with Love Your Show, Inc. shall be considered confidential and the property of Love Your Show, Inc.

Post Show

If desired, you will be provided with a certificate of completion for your internship hours and a letter of recommendation from the Show Producer. Please submit your hours after show via email to Andrea at to receive these



QUESTIONS? Contact Andrea  : 773-930-6028 

Love Your Show, Inc. DBA The Wedding Party EXPO