You Gotta Eat....Learn All About Farm Fresh to You Organic Food Delivery as You Plan Your Wedding

We know you are deep into wedding panning, but you still gotta eat! And you should eat well [especially if you’re stressed from all those decisions]! Organic and delivered right to your home, Farm Fresh to You is an amazing healthy option to keep gorgeous farm fresh food on your plate and in your belly. And now they have one of our favorites; Cypress Grove cheeses! These delicious, fresh goat cheeses range in taste from fresh cream and citrus, to lavender and wild fennel pollen, with unexpected and delightful flavors running the gamut in between. Look for their fun, song themed [Purple Haze goat cheese anyone?] treats when you open your next Farm Fresh to You box!! Meet Farm Fresh to You’s friendly representative Jamie at the April 28 Wedding Party EXPO! Cheese please!