Please email us via our 'Contact' form or call Blair at 619-318-8843. The Wedding Party reviews all new applicants before accepting contracts so please be sure to send us your website to check out what you do! Thank you for your interest in San Diego's only high end bridal show since the year 2000!


Q: Where is the Show Located?

A: As a sophisticated and stylish event we hold the shows at a different upscale venue each time. See Calendar for upcoming shows.

Q: How many attendees do you expect?

A: Winter and Summer shows have 750 attendees over last 3 years, Special Edition, Spring and Fall shows have around 500 attendees. Attendees are a mix of 70% brides and grooms, 20% family and event planners. We are a large boutique styled, higher income demographic wedding planning show, not a large format, convention center, low budget show! We don’t bring you every couple we bring you the right couples.

Q: How much is a booth?

A: We offer every size to accommodate your display needs from half booths for only $595 [not available to all categories*], to medium $820, standard 10 x 10 for $880, extra large $1300 and catering for $995. Sponsor booths available. Key to pricing and sizes in on maps. Special area rates as low as $300 for limited promotions/categories at some shows. We have a strict ONE BOOTH ONE COMPANY policy, no booth sharing is allowed.

Q What size booth am I eligible for:

A. The Wedding Party booths sales are by business category to keep show balanced and profitable to be able to give everyone the experience they pay for. Each category of business has options allowed them for booth price and size [see each show's maps for color coding and pricing]:

  • Accommodations Only / Hotel Rooms: Any Size

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties: Any Size

  • Bar Service: Catering Booth Only

  • Beauty: Hair Styling, Makeup, Beauty Salons: Any Size

  • Bridal Accessories: Any Size

  • Bridal Shower: Any Size

  • Catering: Catering Booth Only

  • Charity: Any Size

  • Church / Temple: Any Size

  • Coordinator / Event Planner: Any Size

  • Counselor, Therapist, Marriage Classes: Any Size

  • Dance lessons: Any Size

  • Desserts: Cakes, Candy, Cookies, Sweets: Grey or Larger Only

  • Entertainment: DJ's, Bands, MC, Musicians, Acrobats: Grey or Larger Only

  • Fashion: Gown Salon, Fashion Designer, Tuxedos: Grey or Larger Only

  • Favors: Grey or Larger Only

  • Financial: Any Size

  • Florals and Floral Decor: Any Size

  • Gifts & Favors: Any Size

  • Group or Association and Other Categories please inquire

  • Health: Weightloss, Wraps, Oils, Dentist, Surgery, Laser: Any Size

  • Home & Lifestyle: Real Estate, Delivery Box Services,

  • Honeymoon / Travel: Grey or Larger Only

  • Insurance: Grey or Larger Only

  • Invitations: Any Size

  • Jewelry: Any Size

  • Media: Publication, Magazine, Directory Website: Special Arrangements

  • Minister / Officiant / Rabbi: Any Size

  • MULTI CATEGORY -more than 3 services: Blue Extra Large XL Only

  • Photo Booth: Grey or Larger Only

  • Production: AV, Lighting. Sound Systems, Staging: Grey or Larger Only

  • Registry: Grey or Larger Only

  • Rentals: Linens, Furniture, Arches, Dishware: Grey or Larger Only

  • Restaurant: Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Brunches: Any Size

  • Specialty Services; Dry Cleaning, Alterations, Baby Sitting, Pet Sitting: Any Size

  • Transportation: Any Size

  • Venues: Ceremony & Reception: Grey or Larger Only

  • Visual Arts: Photography / Videography: Grey or Larger Only

Q: Do you hold Specific Booths?

A:  Due to the number of requests for booths we get each day we cannot hold specific booths for more than 48 hours after sending you a contract-this drops down to 24 hours if less than 30 days prior to a show- so if you have your eye on a particular booth send in the contract! (exceptions are made for companies requiring upper management's approval on contract please inquire)

Q: Who in my category is exhibiting at the show?

A: The Wedding Party is the only show of its scale to limit the number of companies by category. We strive to keep a range of creativity, style, and pricing options to give our attendees the best selection for their wedding, while keeping a respectful limit on the number of businesses in each category. The Producer determines limits based on many factors; the amount of diversity of offerings in a given category, range of pricing in a given category, demand in a given category, size of show, # of attendees, etc.

We Have Had The Honor Of Promoting & Showcasing Over 2400 Businesses Since We Started In 2000.From BloomingdalesWilliams SonomaPottery BarnThe Hotel Del CoronadoKathy Wright & Co., Crown WeddingsDetails Defined, Pink PapayaLa Dolce Idea, "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta's" Monte Durham and even Internationally renowned wedding stylist Grace Ormonde herself; we showcase all range of services and wedding products and ideas. Sorry we do not divulge our clients’ confidential marketing plans so we cannot say which of your competition is at upcoming shows. Please view the programs from past shows to get an idea of limits and range of exhibitors.

Q: Do you offer multi show discounts?

A: Yes we do! And then some! All regular exhibitors*** are eligible for our multi show and double booth deals and more: 

Multi Show Discounts: Advance booking saves you money!  Please inquire as different size and # of shows booked offer different savings. 

Web Advertising Deals on / #lovetotallyplanlocally
All show exhibitors get 10% discounts off web galleries, blog posts and ads on / #lovetotallyplanlocally

Upgrades: Companies who have done the show 5 times or more always get premium [corner and red outlined spots] at no extra charge [a $100 savings]

Go double and save. Our double booth policy is a savings of $50 off the second booth [does not apply to half booths and cannot be combined with other discounts .]

***discounts do not apply with paid exclusivity or special arrangements or extended payment plan – advance bookings  require a minimum 50 / 50 payment plan***

Referral Program:
Refer a new qualified business to the show and get $75 as our thank you! Referred company must be new to show and must contact us and book a booth and mention you. Sorry we cannot pay retroactively. Referral thank you money can be applied to a booth or paid by check.

Q: What comes with a booth?

A: Every size exhibit space comes with 1 table [at most shows], listing and link on show website and attendee data for follow up after show.

Extra promotional opportunities available.

Please note: NO Pipe & Drape or booth structure of any kind is provided by show management so the back of your booth must look good enough for any exhibitor behind you! Rental backdrops available in Extras Order Cart.

 Please see Exhibitor Kit for complete details and order extras in our Extras Order Cart.

Q: What size booth should I get?

A: Exhibiting proportionately is very important- live marketing has its own rules of reality. Booth size should be proportionate to your brand and price structure, ie: a small half booth communicates a lower price point and a larger booth showcases a ‘bigger’ more developed business, larger level of service and price tag. Different booth sizes have staff limits: a ½ booth is designed for 1 to 2 staff only, medium grey for 2-3 staff, 10 x 10 has a limit of 4 staff, extra large and catering can fit 4 -6. The Wedding Party is designed to have attendees inside your booth parameters for selling as opposed to having them standing in aisle while talking to you.

IMPORTANT: Our policy is one vendor category per booth so that we can keep limits per category out of respect to the industry and to keep the show value high for you. Multiple category businesses [example: planner, florist, caterer, rentals and DJ must buy an extra large booth. *Half booths are only available to petite businesses with low price points like officiants, guitarist, accessory companies, etc. Half booths are not offered to photographers, videographers, venues or other full scale businesses.] Please see our marketing information to help you have the best show for you.

Q: How should I display my services/wares?

A: The unique selling environment created by The Wedding Party offers savvy businesses the opportunity to create a connection that leads to a sale. The entire point of the event's set up, gentler pace and timing is to allow vendors to take the time to relate to couples as both you and your ideal client are together face to face, right there. Exhibitors do well at The Wedding Party Bridal Shows by taking a more creative and unique approach than at ‘traditional’ bridal fairs since The Wedding Party is a relationship sales based event. We suggest you find a way sit potential clients down in your space, talk to them and have them start getting to know you and begin the relationship- that’s what high end sales requires since just handing them a card as they walk by is a waste of your time and money at an upscale event as they can’t possibly make a connection between working with you and just a flyer.

Q: Can I serve Food or Drinks at My Booth?

A: Only licensed and permitted Food and Beverage Businesses may serve any type of food even water or candy! You must have permission from The Wedding Party Management and all proper Health permits, licensing, and insurance. The Health Department of San Diego County monitors public events. Click here SDCHD permit application. [updated January 2018]

Q: When Can I Set Up My Booth?

A: Load in is usually available the day before most shows - once you are booked an Exhibitor Kit will be sent to you will all data pertaining to that show.

Q: Can I get electricity for my booth?

A: Yes. Power can be rented for an additional fee. Order power [and all extras] in Extras Order Cart here if you did not order on original contract.

Q: Do you provide pipe and drape for the show?

A: No we do not- we prefer a unique and more free form setting to allow vendors to get far more creative than other trade shows. You may rent pipe and drape in our Extras Order Cart here. Our booths are not separated like at convention center style shows as the Wedding Party keeps a more upbeat, stylish, and less ‘trade show' style going. You need not worry about anyone next to you as everyone stays in their space. And since all the exhibitors vary in style and category [there are two dozen categories of companies at any given show spaced out around the event in a balanced and respectful manner] so there is no brand confusion from one booth to the next. 

Q: How do I Rent Additional Tables, Furniture, etc.

A: You may rent extra tables, chairs, linens and backdrops in our Extras Order Cart here. Any rentals being supplied by outside rental companies require prior approval from show management as there is usually not enough room for our load in area to handle multiple trucks.

Q: Can I use an alternate rental company for tables, linens and large items

A: Only approved outside rental companies will be granted access to loading areas for show. Any other items must be brought in by exhibitor. Please see Exhibitor Kit. 

Q: Do I Get Tickets for My Wedding Couples? 

A: Complimentary tickets will be emailed to you to distribute, share, Facebook, etc. to your couples [and potential couples] when you contract booth.

Q: Do I Receive the Attendee Data From the Show?

A: Contact Information for all registered couples will be sent to exhibitors within 3 business days of the show.

Q: Can I get a Discount if I book at the last minute?

A: Actually last minute bookings keep show fees higher and the advertising we do for a show as pricey as possible. We order radio/tv/magazine etc. many months in advance – the more money we take in for a show the more advertising we add to the pot for promoting a show. But last minute ad buys with major media are top dollar so we ask that exhibitors get in the habit of booking in advance with early booking discounts and incentives so that all exhibitors can get the most out of the show. We appreciate early booking can be challenging in the busy season though! And we know it doesn't hurt to ask:)

Q: A Friend is decorating my Booth may I pass out their cards in my booth?

A: No. Exhibitors are not allowed to have anyone else’s business cards at their booth other than the contracted company for that booth. EXAMPLE: just like someone exhibiting on the other side of the show is not allowed to promote the business cards of someone in your category who has not paid to be at the show have have access to attendees, media, and potential business. The Wedding Party EXPO's "ONE company | ONE contract | ONE booth" policy protects everyone at the show including you! 

Q: May I attend a show to see it before I buy a booth?

A: With the exception of our Honored Guests, registered Event Planners and Venue Managers*, absolutely no outside [non-exhibiting] wedding vendors are permitted in the Wedding Party EXPO during show hours. The Wedding Party EXPO is an opportunity for engaged persons and those planning events to meet with quality businesses in a respectful and stylish atmosphere. We do not use the show as a marketing opportunity for potential exhibitors to scope out show out of respect for our exhibitors. Any “Guerrilla Marketing” by outside businesses [non-contracted companies who attempt to promote themselves to exhibitors or attendees] steals from both the exhibitors and attendees. Anyone attempting to promote themselves in this way will be escorted out of show, banned from future events and prosecuted for damages. *Event Planners and Venue Managers may register at front desk.

Q: How do you advertise the show to Engaged Couples?

A: We use an amazing advertising / media campaign to bring you upscale engaged couples that combines well placed virtual and traditional forms of advertising [see below]. For all our amazing media and press coverage- see Media Kit or Press page!

Ad campaign varies per show depending on season.

Ad campaign varies per show depending on season.